Sophie Baron, Grand Réserve Brut

Sophie Baron, Grand Réserve Brut
£ 35.45, 75 cl


60% Meunier 30% Chardonnay 10% Pinot Noir

The addition of Pinot Meunier gives richness to this crisp and lively Champagne.

Tasting notes

The Meunier dominant blend gives richness and red berry fruit to this crisp and lively Champagne.


Charly-sur-Marne lies a mere 50 kilometres east of Paris along the Vallée de la Marne subregion. The Baron family owns 38 hectares of sustainably managed vineyards that are largely planted with Meunier, the dominant grape in the region.


The Grand Réserve is fermented in temperature controlled stainless steel and undergoes malolactic fermentation to give it roundness. It is aged on its lees for three years and has a balanced dosage of 10g/l residual sugar.


Sophie Baron Champagne comes from a family run property in Charly-sur-Marne. The Champagne is named after Sophie, the daughter of the founders Gabriel and Dolorès. She joined the property in 1982 and works alongside her winemaker brother, Ignace.