Purity Brewing Co., `Mad Goose` Pale Ale

Purity Brewing Co., `Mad Goose` Pale Ale
£ 3.45, 50 cl


Tasting notes

Winner of five awards, Purity's Mad Goose is a zesty pale ale that is burnished gold in colour. The nose is both juicy and tangy, featuring vibrant orange fruitiness, subtle leafy notes and a cushion of malt. On the palate it is medium bodied with depth and richness, countered by lively, racy citrusy characters. It is long, with a dry finish.


Purity Brewing Company brewed its first beer out of a converted barn located in Warwickshire in 2005. Co-founders Paul Halsey and Jim Minkin, with brewer Flo Vialin, strive to make craft beers to the highest standards while respecting the environment. Spent grains are re-used as cattle feed, yeast goes to feed pigs and the hops are used as fertiliser. At Purity, for every pint brewed, three pints of water are returned back to nature. Brewery waste water goes through a five month, nine step wetland cleaning process where the water is naturally cleaned and filtered through ponds, ditches, reeds, a weir, trees and aquatic plants. The five year old wetland has now become a wildlife sanctuary attracting moorhens, ducks, geese, Canada geese, hawks and many other birds.