Perfect Port Ferreira 2018 Vintage Port scores 100 out of 100

No surprises here at CamVino. Ferreira has been my personal favourite port house for years.

This impressively structured wine shows a perfect balance between its powerful, spicy fruits and firm tannins. Dense tones of dark berries and smoke are rich and flavorful, bringing the wine to a perfect conclusion. It's immensely ageworthy.
- Roger Voss of Wine Enthusiast

I'm a big fan of the Dona Antónia 7 and 10 year tawny variants. Having been allowed to oxidise in smaller barrels they keep well after opening and can be enjoyed over time. A vintage port though gets its first gasp of air when the bottle's opened and so ideally needs to be enjoyed the same day the cork is popped, which usually means sharing. Oh well, I suppose it is nearly Christmas.

If you find yourself in Porto contemplating a cellar tour, I recommend visiting Ferreira. As well as learning all about the history of the area, (the Duoro valley was the world's first demarkated wine region), the history of port wine (no surpise the Brits were involved) and an overview of the region's wines (Portugal has the most indigenous grape varieties), you get to sample some fine ports in Ferreira's elegant tasting rooms.